Episode 18 – Don’t Waste Good Scotch

Welcome to episode 18 of Anime on Draft! In this episode, you will learn about why you should not waste good scotch. Enjoying good scotch is a virtue, just like patience. Kappa.

On tap for this episode:
Lindeman’s Pomme Lambic
Classroom of the Elite
Sakura Quest!
New Game!!
Some anime/beer news
Twitch Anime Marathon

Also, listen up for something new we are trying out. We ask all our listeners a question in the show. If you hear it and have an answer you would like to give go ahead and shoot us a message on YouTube, twitter, or other social media. If you have a question you want to hear our opinions on also go ahead and throw that up on our social media as well!

Lastly, if you know of anyone who is affordable and can help us create a new logo or if you want to draw us a logo design email us through the contact page here on WordPress!

As always, check out our social media through the links on the right and please enjoy episode 18. Don’t forget to enjoy your scotch!


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